Granny Smith is a clever old gal, Sour apple flavor without the apple!

This mead is made from 100% Raw Local Honey. It gets it sour flavor from naturally occurring lactic acid fermentation. This has very healthy side effects and is said to help boost immune systems and general health and wellness. This drink will not only provide you with a Premium Alcoholic beverage, but doubles as an excellent health.

Granny Smith's Deception is also the 1st place winner of the 2017 Mead Free or Die competition for Historical/Experimental catagory.

tonic. 13-14% ABV


From Local Cranberry Bogs 

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Thor's Wife

Melomel / Sour Mead

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Golden Ghost

      Infused with Ghost Chili

Tart Delight is a Honey Cranberry wine, made with cranberry’s from local Massachusetts bogs. The cranberries give the beverage a beautiful red-pink hue. The aroma is distinctly cranberry. The first sensation upon tasting is a sour tartness but it is balanced in turn by some honey sweetness but leaves behind a delightful slightly sour linger. 12-13%ABV

Autumn Cyser is made from a base of raw locally sourced honey blended with fresh pressed cider, crushed and pressed in our facility at Greenwich Cove Meadery. The Autumn Cyser has a distinct and robust raw apple flavor complimented with strong cinnamon undertones. AKA “Apple Pie Mead” This flavor tastes just like a homemade thanksgiving apple pie. 12-14%ABV

Golden Good

Melomel / Metheglin Mead

Dragons Breath

Infused with Habanero

Our finest batches of Golden Good are reserved for our most premium award winning beverage. The Bourbon barrel Aged Golden Good. Our first batch was aged in Oak Bourbon barrels for 3 years. It still has that sweet honey citrus flavor but is now also accompanied by a smoky oaky undertone that may induce temporary bliss.
ranges from 11-13% alcohol but you will probably not taste it over the stronger bolder flavors.

Golden Good is our first signature flavor available year round.  This Honey Orange Wine is made with Whole oranges and Cinnamon sticks. Golden Good has a bold gold color that screams out honey from every angle. Orange Zest gives the beverage a strong citrus aroma. When you take a sip you will immediately be hit with the sweetness of honey. As the flavor moves across your palate you may pick up floral notes and hints of wild flowers. These come from the original nectar gathered by the Bees. Lastly you finish with the familiar flavor of cinnamon giving a hint of spice toward the back of your throat. Golden Good ranges from 11-13% alcohol but you will probably not taste it over the stronger bolder flavors.

DiChristafaro's Pyment

      Made with Wine Grapes and Honey

Granny Smiths Deception

Sour Mead

Dragons Breath is fire in a bottle. Infused with generous amounts of Habanero peppers, the Dragons breath main characteristic is powerful spice. Only for the brave at heart. 13-14% ABV

Dichristafaro’s Pyment is a Honey Grape wine made with a blend of wine grapes. Smooth sweet and balanced this beverage comes on with a strong honey sweetness mixed with florals and finishes with a slight grape pucker. 13-14%ABV

Berry Bliss

Melomel  Mead

Burbon Barrel Aged Golden Good

Melomel / Metheglin Mead

Golden Ghost This is a special version of our Golden Good infused with Ghost Chili peppers to produce a truly unique flavor. The normal Sweet orange Cinnamon flavor is pushed to the background by a zesty tangy smoky spice that is truly a unique experience. 12-14% ABV

Autumn Cyser 

            From Raw honey and fresh pressed cider



Thor's wife is a sour peach Melomel.With the perfect balance of sweet and sour this mead will satisfy a more sopisticated pallette.

12-13% ABV

Our Berry Bliss is our first seasonal flavor. This Honey Raspberry pineapple wine is made with locally sourced raspberries. The raspberries dominate the color of this beverage giving it a deep scarlet red. Berry Bliss is semi-sweet but compared to our other offerings it is drier. When tasting you first experience the distinct flavor of raspberries. The semi-sweetness from the honey and the sour from the raspberries balance very well, as your taste buds are teased with subtle floral notes of wildflowers. A fruity pineapple comes in upon finishing adding a quirky tang that’s rather delightful. 11-13%ABV