Our Story

Robert Allen Greene III Grew up along Greenwich Cove in East Greenwich Rhode Island. Inspired by the rich historic heritage of his own family and his home town, he imagined starting a business that would be able to combine the rich culture of historic New England with his own Northern European heritage. His background in culinary arts, a love of history and an appreciation for fine wines and spirits, as well as a strong sweet tooth, made starting a Meadery seem like a perfect fit.

“The first time I tried mead was when a friend gave me some home brew mead that he found when cleaning his closet after sitting on it for nearly twenty years, after that there was no turning back.” – Robert Allen Greene III

Bob experimented with different home brews and began making connections sampling meads and testing the local market to see what people thought of mead. In 2013 Bob got together with long time friends Michael Tully and his wife Amanda Mathiesen. Mike, a history buff in his own right, and longtime East Greenwich resident, had a passion for fine wine, and had been experimenting with home brew beers for some time.  He also has natural business acumen and studied at Bryant University for Business Administration.

Amanda Mathiesen who has over a decade of experience in marketing in the liquor industry and was a perfect fit for director of sales and marketing.

“I was asking him for business advice while helping him put up a fence, after hearing my ideas and realizing the potential it only seemed natural that we would work together.”- Robert Allen Greene III

In 2013 Bob, Mike, and Amanda along with Bob’s, father and grandfather formed an LLC with the intention to become a bonded Winery. Mead although made with honey rather than grapes is considered wine by the government and subject to those applicable laws.